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Best Razer Mice – The Best Razer Mouse

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1. Razer Deathadder Elite


The Razer Deathadder is one of the most convenient, accurate, hand-fit gaming mouse’s in the market. It is equipped with one of the worlds most advanced optical sensors providing a tremendous reaction time. With a well fit ergonomic design, you are capable of playing your favorite video games with complete comfort for long periods of battle. The Razer Deathadder also includes two rubber side grips for precise control over your gameplay. The Deathadder also includes two macro buttons on the left hand side of the mouse. This feature allows the user to apply several different actions to these buttons to allow a more efficient gaming experience. For all the left-handed gamer’s, there is also a Left-Hand Edition of the Deathadder introducing a more diverse fanbase towards this luxurious gaming mouse. With a integrated lighting feature (including a RGB aspect for the Razer Deathadder Chroma), this mouse considered to be one of the best gaming mice period. Although many use this mouse specifically for gaming, the Deathadder does an astounding job for casual browsing and editing.

2. Razer Mamba Tournament Edition


Used by hundreds of professional gamer’s worldwide, the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is another stunningly designed mouse fit for all gamer’s. It is ideally sized to perfectly fit the grasp of your palm and guides your fingers along the edges of the mouse smoothly. This design generates a new level of comfort comparing to your ideal Logitech office mouse. This mouse includes two macros on the left hand side of the mouse where the thumb is placed. Many may thing that because the two macros are placed so closely to the thumb, you may accidentally click it and it may get annoying after awhile. This is 100% false. The macros are perfectly placed above your thumb so you don’t accidentally click the buttons, and they are still very easily accessible. A third macro is also implemented in the scroll wheel once it is clicked down. The Mamba features a gaming mouse sensor with up to 16,000 DPI, with on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment buttons located below the scroll wheel. As for the lighting, there are two RGB strips that are placed on both sides of the mouse, making it more luminous than the standard mouse. Also included are two strips of lights on the scroll wheel, and a light-up Razer logo allowing the mouse to be more eye-appealing to the user. You are also able to download the Chroma Software to fully customize your mouse to your likings.

3. Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition


With its sleek and sharp design, the Razer Lancehead another great addition to the Razer family. This is another well designed mouse with very similar specs to the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition. The mouse has a integrated 450 IPS sensor that can also climb up to 16,000 DPI for maximum precision. With 99.4% resolution accuracy, this is another high quality gaming mouse built for hardcore gamer’s. Following the similar design to the Razer Mamba T.E, the Lancehead includes two chroma light strips going down the sides of the mouse, a chroma logo on the top, and two chroma strips also along the edges of the scroll wheel. Razer is known for making high quality, well designed, ergonomic mice, and this mouse proves that point. The Lancehead is also now equipped with the all-new mechanical mouse switches, that are optimized and tweaked for the fastest response times. This new technology designed by Omron brings gamer’s a jaw-dropping experience.

4. Razer Basilisk


The Razer Basilisk is one of the newest members of the Razer family. This high performance mouse was released by Razer on September 2nd, 2017. Razer has never disappointed their fans with their god given designs. The Basilisk is hand fit for a high quality gaming experience, whether it’s fighting mobs in Minecraft, or battling your way through an entire army on League Of Legends. This mouse is meant to satisfy your every gamer needs, with a removable DPI clutch that allows you to temporarily change sensitivity for ultra-fast turns and aiming precision. This feature was considered mainly for games such as CS:GO. When pulling out a desert eagle, players want to quickly adjust their DPI for A-1 accuracy. A implemented customizable scroll wheel resistance adjuster located on the bottom of the mouse grants you the power to, well, customize your scroll wheel resistance. With the Basilisk being one of their newest Razer mouse models, this is a highly recommended mouse for intense gamer’s seeking premium gameplay.

5. Razer Atheris


The Razer Atheris is known to be Razer’s “Office Mouse”. It has similar characteristics to an ideal office mouse found in stores such as Staples or Walmart. With its simple, sleek design, it appeals to almost anyone whether they are a office manager, or a hardcore gamer. It is Razer’s one of a kind Wireless mouse that supports a battery life of up to 300 hours with a pair of AA batteries. This makes time more efficient for on-the-go consumers that have to travel between meetings, classes, etc. The Atheris also has a bluetooth feature for swift and easy connectivity. Although it does not support 16,000 DPI, the mouse still maxes out at a comfortable 7,200 DPI. Implemented in the mouse is Adaptive Frequency Technology that, even with other wireless devices in the room, the mouse maintains a solid connection between your laptop or PC. The Razer Atheris was designed for students and business men all around the globe, whether its for word documents or headshots.

6. Razer Naga


Some may agree with the #6 placement of the Razer Naga, some may not. This mouse has several new features that the ideal Razer mouse does not include. The Naga has 12 implemented buttons on the left hand side of the mouse to decrease keyboard use. This is what brings many to the buying point, and others to the apathetic point. These 12 buttons are found to be very uncomfortable comparing to the comfort of the other Razer mice for some people. Others find the 12 buttons very efficient and useful, whether its for button demanding video games, or Photoshop short-keys. People either love the Razer Naga, or hate it. Us at Youtube Tech tend to hate the Naga, as there are numerous other Razer mice that provide a substantial amount of Macros, but sustain that comfortability that we believe is necessary.

7. Razer Abyssus V2


The Razer Abyssus is considered to be one of the lower quality Razer mouse’s. Given it was released in 2009, that still does not make up for its lack of features comparing to the Razer Deathadder that was released in late 2006. The Abyssus only features three colour backlighting, light blue, dark blue, and green. The sensor implemented in this mouse only includes a 5,000 DPI optical sensor, which is worse than the Wireless Razer Atheris. The Abyssus has no features what so ever, that can top any of the other mentioned Razer mice, which is why it is listed at the bottom of our Best Razer Mice list. This does not mean this is a bad mouse, but comparing to the other Razer mice listed in this blog post, we believe you can get a better bang for your buck.

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