Best Razer Mice – The Best Razer Mouse Paragraph o saing about how dis is the best razer mice in our opinion from best to least   1. Razer Deathadder Elite   The Razer Deathadder is one of the most convenient, accurate, hand-fit gaming mouse’s in the market. It is equipped with one of the worlds most advanced optical sensors providing a tremendous reaction time. With a well fit ergonomic design, you are capable of playing your favorite video games with complete comfort for long periods of battle. The Razer Deathadder also includes two rubber side grips for precise control over your gameplay. The DeathadderRead More →


Looking to create a YouTube channel? We put together the perfect YouTube starter kit; consisting of the best hardware tech products and software, to help get you started on your YouTube career. The products in this starter kit have been carefully chosen to support the creation of high quality YouTube videos. Hardware 1. Microphone – Blue Snowball   Blue microphones are rated as the best money value USB microphones , for low budget individuals looking for a high quality but cheap solution. The blue snowball offers crystal-clear sound quality for communication, creation and recording. It works automatically with the Mac or PC, and there is no driverRead More →

Vlogging Camera – Nikon D3400   Retail : $599.99 CAD ($475.33 USD) The Nikon D3400 is a great starter vlogging camera if you are trying to start content creation. Nikon is known for providing high quality cameras, ranging from all kinds of price ranges. Although this camera does not have the same quality as a $1000 camera, it still has impressive picture quality for its price. To see a quality test for this camera, Click Here. The Nikon is considered to be the best nubbie camera on the market today, due to its price and its fairly decent picture quality in photos and videos. The NikonRead More →

 Keyboard – Razer Blackwidow Ultimate   Retail : $134.99 CAD ($106.94 USD) The Blackwidow comes in the original black colourway with either a green back-light in the keyboard or a RGB back-light that is fully customizable by the user. To view the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, Click Here . With the outstanding backlit feature, you are capable of typing with ease in complete darkness. The Blackwidow series is a great keyboard if you are a fan of mechanical keyboards. Although some may find the clicking annoying, others find it fairly satisfying. This keyboard features extra macros (keys) on the left hand side, allowing you to assign differentRead More →

Monitor – BenQ 24-Inch LED Monitor (GL2460HM)   Retail : $179.99 CAD ($140.74 USD) BenQ is known to be one of the most incredible monitor producers in the market. They provide high quality monitors for any sort of use for a reasonable price. Prices for these monitors usually depend on the features and the size of the monitor. With this 24″ BenQ monitor, you can comfortably edit and work on your content, with crystal clear High Definition quality. This monitor features HDMI connectivity, with a 2ms response time for outstanding quality. It delivers every pixel with the best viewing quality possible. Although the BenQ monitors areRead More →

Webcam – Logitech C920   Retail : $99.99 CAD ($78.19 USD) Logitech is one of the most reliable companies that produce some of the best desktop appliances such as keyboards, mice, microphones, and webcams. The C920 is the most recommended webcam for all uses such as content creation, streaming, and even Skype calling. You can now record faster, smoother video and better image quality with less demand on your computer thanks to H.264 encoding, making it more eye appealing to your viewers. This H.264 encoding feature also allows the webcam to be compatible with more computers. The webcam comes with a simple to use softwareRead More →